Highway Engineering

Highways Engineering

Geometric road design of carriageway/cycleway links (horizontal and vertical alignment), priority T-Junctions, right hand turning lanes, roundabouts & signalised junctions.

Road Safety Audit

Independent review of third party road design that assesses safety implications for all relevant groups of road users. Undertaken by our fully qualified Road Safety Audit Team.

Development Site Layouts

Coordinated road design of internal development layouts to inform/align with architect proposals. Completion of Private Streets Determination (PSD), Article 32, Article 3(4)c.

Vehicle Swept Path Analysis

Digital simulation of vehicular movements to assess for spatial constraints within a confined road design layout or through a bulk delivery corridor.

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Traffic surveys

Automatic/manual traffic counts to establish traffic flows along highways links/turning movements through junctions.

Transport Assessment Form / Traffic & Transport Statements

Preliminary scoping exercise to determine traffic flows generated by proposed developments, assesses their impact on existing roads network and advise on sustainable travel options.

Car Parking Surveys

Automatic/manual traffic counts to establish whether parking demand for proposed developments can be accommodated within local catchment.

Speed Surveys

Radar gun/pneumatic tube surveys to establish 85th percentile speed and justify application of appropriate design standards.

Traffic Impact Assessment/ Transport Assessment

Detailed modelling of traffic flows through junctions and calculation of operational capacities to assess traffic impact. Assessment of required junction upgrades or sustainable transport provision.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Drainage Strategy

Pre-development enquiry (NIW) & Drainage Assessment (PPS15) to assess development feasibility & required mitigation measures

Utility Coordination

Consultations with utility network providers to locate existing equipment and determine proposed diversions and associated costs

Drainage Design

Design of foul/storm networks and culvert designs including consents (NI Water Article 161, DfI Rivers Schedule 6, OPW Section 50)


Design of sustainable drainage that controls storm discharge flows while improving water quality, biodiversity & amenity. (CIRIA C753)